Sunday, 25 April 2010

Personalised Fairy / Princess Wands

After a long wait for the wands (which I was just itching to get my hands on) they have finally arrived and I have had a lot of fun thinking of how to decorate them.

The wooden wands are approximately 27 cm long (point of star to end of stick) with a wooden star measuring 7cm (point to point). The star is 9mm thick.

My daughter (showing the wand in action in the photo!) has loved hers from the moment she set eyes on it and has been round and round the garden turning everything and anything into frogs with her magic spell, ending with a dramatic "Kazoom!".

The wording on the wand is entirely flexible. They could be used for any number of present ideas - birthday gifts, flower girl thank you gifts, or even classroom gifts with the name of the class on one side and eg "This week's star" on the other.

The wands are £5.50 each and are found here


  1. Yes, my daughter would love one of these, but she would only spend all her time trying to turn me into a frog :)

    Brilliant idea!


  2. I meant to add that in! I have lost count the number of times my littley has turned me into a frog! Occasionally she does remember to turn me back again but I think that's only so she can do her frog spell all over again!