Sunday, 1 February 2009

My first Blog post! Wow.  Those that know me would be surprised to hear I'm suddenly stuck for words!!
I suppose the impetus for setting up my blog is to spread the word about my fairly new craft business - Samigail's Handmade Personalised Gifts
I make handmade wooden personalised gifts for all occasions by using the art of pyrography (wood burning).
I love all different types of crafts - cross stitch, glass painting etc. Last Christmas I was hunting online for ideas for my husband to buy me for Christmas. I found a pyrography iron. Thought about it for a while then decided actually I just couldn't wait and bought it for myself sometime before Christmas. I had in mind I could make Christmas decorations for my children. 
I enjoyed making the decorations immensely. I then decided for my son's christmas present to his nursery school teacher it might make a lovely unusual gift. The idea of a business was
So, before christmas 2007 I was busy making quite a few christmas decorations which were a huge hit. The idea that they were personalised with the teacher's name and the year was quite popular. My first efforts are shown in the picture!
In January 2008 I wondered what to make next and started thinking about weddings, christenings etc. I built up lots of different ideas and now have over 80 different listings in my ebid shop.
I now sell on MISI and Ebid

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  1. They are lovely! Well done!

    And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!